We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves!

In an excellent article titled “FBOs Of The Future,” author and aviation executive John Nelson states:

“Flight departments will choose FBOs based on electronic decision-making using a combination of fuel price, hangar rates, and services.”

“FBOs will do their bidding of fuel via online auction systems.”

– AviationPros, Dec. 2012. Read the whole article

Wavepilot users already buy and sell fuel online! In fact, Wavepilot is the first and only company to bring competitive online fuels sales to FBOs and aircraft operators nationwide.

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Wavepilot is a free service for FBOs and aircraft operators

Wavepilot Pours on the Wine at S&D

The Wavepilot made a personal appearance at the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference  and gave away lots of wine gifts. It’s always great to see our colleagues and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Enjoy viewing some friendly faces from the show below:

Wavepilot Adds New Contract Fuel Feature

Responding to requests from users, Wavepilot added a new contract fuel feature. Now when aircraft operators submit RFQs (request for quotes) to FBOs, they can enter the best price available from their contract fuel companies. This feature saves both parties time and money by eliminating the middleman and allowing operators and FBOs to deal directly.

In today’s competitive environment, FBOs will often match or beat contract fuel prices if given the opportunity. They’re motivated because they often lose sales when operators go directly to competing FBOs for contract fuel without giving other FBOs a chance to negotiate. Wavepilot now gives all FBOs the opportunity to negotiate with an operator who might otherwise just taxi by.

Aircraft operators can save thousands by eliminating the fuel contractor’s mark-up. FBOs now know the contract price they have to match or beat or offset with incentives such as discounted ramp fees and complimentary services. Wavepilot’s new contract fuel feature broadens the competition by bringing otherwise excluded FBOs into the market. Learn more here.

New AutoQuote Features for FBOs

Initial AutoQuotes

Wavepilot makes quoting convenient so your FBO can automatically quote new RFQs even when you’re away from a computer. That way you can be the first to submit a quote and get the immediate attention of the aircraft operator.

Incremental AutoQuotes

Incremental AutoQuotes make it so you don’t have to keep coming back to re-quote an RFQ if another FBO places a lower quote. Wavepilot automatically places your quote just low enough to make it the lowest current quote down to a minimum price you specify. You could win the operator’s business for more than your minimum price. Learn more about AutoQuotes here.


Enhanced Quotes and Listings for FBOs

Make your FBO stand out from the competition when you submit quotes. Now you can enhance your quotes and prominence in the FBO listings by adding your company logo, promotional advertising copy, and a link to your website. Get the aircraft operator’s attention and make the sale!

Enhanced FBO quotes help aircraft operators learn more about your business. Your FBO and full-color logo will be prominently displayed above your competitor’s quotes. You can add a link to your website and custom ad copy to let operators know all the benefits they’ll enjoy by visiting your FBO.

Click here to see an example of how much more effective your quotes and listings can be than your competitors.

Aircraft Operators Use Wavepilot Free

Aircraft operators use Wavepilot for free – no strings, no catch, no gimmicks. Operators can post RFQs immediately and enjoy the benefits of one-stop shopping for fuel and FBO services. Its our way of introducing users to Wavepilot’s smart new way of selecting FBOs.

Start saving time and money. Register now then post RFQs for your upcoming trips and let FBOs compete online for your business. Read our FAQs & TIPS to get the most from your RFQs.

Note: Most FBOs in major markets have adopted Wavepilot as a powerful sales tool to earn your business. But some FBOS are still learning about Wavepilot. Be patient if they don’t respond to your RFQs immediately. We’ll do our best  to encourage them to get in the game. In the meantime, keep posting free RFQs for all your trips!

Aviation International News Talks About Wavepilot

Wavepilot was featured in the March issue of AIN Online. Here’s what they said:

Wavepilot Launches Fuel Price RFQ System

Former FBO and flight department manager Alex Fisher launched a new system that allows aircraft owners/operators and dispatchers to request the best fuel prices from FBOs while planning a trip. Instead of looking up contract fuel prices or calling FBOs, Fisher’s new company, Wavepilot, allows fuel buyers to post a request for quote (RFQ) that invites FBOs to offer their best price. “We’re a reverse auction in that sellers compete for buyers’ business,” Fisher explained. “Instead of prices being bid up, prices are bid down.”

Fisher researched the potential of an RFQ-based fuel-quoting system then began engineering Wavepilot a year ago before running beta tests last year and formally launching the product at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers meeting in late January. “It’s tedious to have to shop for fuel,” he said, and often pilots or dispatchers end up settling for what they think is the best price. “We’re creating an online marketplace,” he said, “an environment where operators and FBOs can feel free to interact back and forth.”

FBOs that participate get to see competing FBOs’ lowest prices, and thus they can offer incentives or lower prices to secure the operator’s business. Some FBOs, for example, might add special pricing on de-icing or overnight hangar space or waive ramp fees. These offers can be sent privately to the operator.

Wavepilot allows the user to set an ending time for the RFQ, Fisher said, “just like on eBay [auctions].” Fisher expects operators to play FBOs against each other. “Savvy operators can take full advantage of the competitive environment,” he said, and he expects smart FBO owners will embrace Wavepilot as a means of bringing in new customers. To bring FBOs into the Wavepilot fold, Fisher’s team compiled a database of every general manager of every FBO in the U.S. so that they will receive the RFQs directly from potential customers. The benefit to FBOs is that Wavepilot allows customers and the FBO to communicate directly. “We’re simplifying that entire process,” he said.

According to Fisher, big FBO chains are allowing their FBO general managers to participate in Wavepilot. “Why would you not be in the game and participate in an opportunity to make a sale?” he asked. “It’s a completely new angle to buying and selling fuel.” Participation in Wavepilot is free for now; Fisher has not yet decided how to profit from the service, but he does plan eventually for Wavepilot to generate revenue.

Buy and Sell Fuel Online

Wavepilot Connects Aviation Fuel Buyers and Sellers Online

Camarillo, California – Wavepilot, LLC launched a new online marketplace where aircraft operators and FBOs buy and sell aviation fuel. Wavepilot.com operates like eBay, except it’s a reverse auction where sellers compete for the buyer’s business. An aircraft operator posts a request for quote (RFQ) that invites FBOs to submit their best prices for fuel and services. FBOs post their quotes online and update them to remain competitive. The aircraft operator reviews the quotes and awards the RFQ to its FBO of choice, all online. Wavepilot automatically sends trip sheets to the aircraft operator and FBO.

Wavepilot was developed to save time and money for aircraft operators and to serve as a sales tool for FBOs. Wavepilot helps aircraft operators select FBOs with confidence they’re getting the most competitive prices. And Wavepilot provides qualified sales leads to FBOs so they can reach out and promote their businesses.

Wavepilot was founded by southern California aviation executive Alex Fisher. Fisher’s experience operating FBOs and flight departments led to the development of Wavepilot as a marketplace to benefit both parties. “Today’s environment demands an innovative approach to the way we buy and sell fuel,” says Fisher. “Aircraft operators want the absolute best prices and services possible, and FBOs want to capitalize on every sales opportunity. Wavepilot brings them together in a powerful new way that achieves both goals.”

Wavepilot registration is free for FBOs and aircraft operators of all sizes. Complete information is available at http://www.wavepilot.com.


Welcome to Wavepilot

The concept for Wavepilot came about while wearing several hats at a general aviation firm in Southern California. Our company operated a busy FBO and a fleet of charter jets. Like all FBOs, we watched our margins closely and strived to make every fuel sale. And like all aircraft operators, we worked hard to control our fuel costs. Experience on both sides of the transaction led to the development of Wavepilot as an online marketplace to benefit both parties.

Our goals are simple: to save aircraft operators time and money, and to help FBOs sell more fuel. After beta trials, focus groups (with some healthy skepticism), and numerous enhancements, we are pleased that aircraft operators and FBOs like you have embraced Wavepilot as an exciting new way to do business. We pay close attention to our users, so please chime in with your suggestions on how we can make the site a better tool for you.

Alex Fisher